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Documentalista (Granada)

Wazuh, Inc busca un documentalista para trabajar en Granada y alrededores con posibilidad de viajar a Silicon Valley.
Empresa : Wazuh, Inc
Lugar : Granada y alrededores
Plazas : 1


We are looking for talented individuals with a wide range of skills in security engineering. You will be responsible for our user documentation.

Code is a key part of all kinds of software, and its documentation is the other key part. Our community needs to understand our product to properly use it. A technical but user friendly documentation is needed.


  • Fluent in English. It is a must-have to be well versed in English when writting documentation.
  • A deep understanding of Linux environments.
  • Ability to work well with a team.
  • Highly motivated, pro-active and responsible.
  • Experience with RST and Markdown.

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